Current Projects - Picture of Vietnamese Children - small boy, girl, and older boy posing for the camera. The IHDD portfolios are being used world-wide. Below are a few of our current projects. Picture: Three Vietnamese children posing for the camera.
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The following pages reflect various ways that the portfolio can and has been used to create "connections" with the participants as they transition through life. It is a tool for supporting individuals and families through a Strengths-based Portfolio Process.


Spoznaj Me
™, translated as "Get to know me" in Slovene, is the most recent translated version
of the Take A Look At Me™ portfolio.
Two female psychology students from Slovenia working at their computer.
Soncek, the Slovenian National organization of Cerebral Palsy, plans to collaborate with two
psychology students from the University of Ljubljana to
implement the portfolios with

Valerie Havill, PhD., IHDD is a member of the research team working in Slovenia.


The Early Head Start program in Clarke County, GA has implemented the Take A Look At Me™ and Mireme™ Portfolio for over three years, expanding in the third year to the Head Start Program.

         Small girl sitting on a mat looking through a portfolio.

The outcomes of the collaboration assist center and home-based providers to utilize the portfolio to bridge the gap between the home and learning environment through:
  • Identifying family strengths,
  • Identifying family goals,
  • Incorporating child development
     goals as identified by the parent,
  • Using the information to support
     social emotional growth and


Full Futures for All is both the name and goal of a collaboration between IHDD and the Centre for Research & Development of Community Health in Hanoi, Vietnam.The portfolio, translated into Vietnamese, was reviewed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education, Catholic Relief Services, and two school principals, and determined to be culturally-appropriate and potentially highly useful. 650 copies were being distributed to schools and early intervention agencies in HaNoi and the surrounding rural provinces.
Vietnamese children wave happily
A self-awareness tool - A first step in the Person-Centered Planning Process

The mission of the CFI, a legislative initiative, is to make sure that all children now residing in congregate facilities are supported to live with permanent loving families and in the future no child will be institutionalized.

IHDD uses the portfolio process to document the interests, strengths and history of the individual in collaboration with members of their circle of support in order to assist in the positive transition of the individual as they connect to new family supports within the community.In many situations, individuals have been supported to complete a follow-up portfolio to highlight the transition to the community and tell the story of a new life outside the institution.

The Portfolio-A Self-Discovery Tool

Middle School and High School classroom teachers around GA are building on the
Take A Look at Me™
Portfolio as they promote self-determination in their classroom curriculums for teenage students. Teachers have used it as an essential step in pulling together different aspects of the self-determination curriculum such as:
(1) making choices, (2) setting goals, (3) understanding personal beliefs,
(4) supporting others.

The tool has been useful to combine these various aspects of self-determination to provide a format and platform for students to express themselves creatively.


Teachers in several counties have found unique ways to incorporate the portfolio into their transition planning process. In combination with a self-determination curriculum, students are given the opportunity to problem-solve through some of the challenges that may confront them in transitioning to a new school.

Teachers have used this tool as a way to facilitate engagement in a positive self-awareness and exploration process.

Darius Goes West LogoDARIUS GOES WEST
IHDD has collaborated with the creators of Darius Goes West and developed a special lesson
plan that is now on the "Know About It" website. This lesson plan is built around the School-Age and Adult version of the Take A Look At Me™ Portfolio to explore self-determination, and can be used in Language Arts, Humanities, Psychology and/or Social Studies classes with students in 6th-12th grades. Visit the website: Lesson Plan:; click on: school programs/; click on: teacher created materials/; click on: hopesanddreams.

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