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To place an order, e-mail: contact@ihdd.uga.edu or phone: 706-542-3457.
(Credit card payments are accepted.) We apologize for the inconvenience, we are temporarily not taking online orders. We'll be back to full power soon!

Front Covers of Portfolios versionsAll versions - $6.00 *

  Includes 20+ pages, some pages have open-ended questions with space to write information, insert pictures, drawings, and other creative ways to describe the individual. Other pages allow space for individuals to use their own imagination and create their own unique designs.
Portfolio Kit:

Portfolio Kit with contents showing on outside

• Portfolio Kit Only - All versions - $10.00
• Portfolio Kit with Camera - All Versions - $15.00

  The portfolio kit includes a portfolio of your choice, colored markers, scissors, glue stick and stickers for decorating and individualizing your pages. Portfolios are available by age groups and in other languages (Spanish, French, Korean, and Vietnamese).
Portfolio/Portfolio Kit  
Portfolio Versions        

Please contact us directly at 706-542-3457 for more details on special pricing including tax-exempt orders.

DOWNLOAD:Take A Look At Me Brochure Cover

Download a PDF version of the Take a Look at Me brochure. **
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** Please note:
The brochure is 8 1/2" x 14". To ensure print quality, you should adjust your print properties or shrink the file to fit your paper size. PDF files are downloadable with the Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, download it free by clicking here: Get Adobe Reader free by clicking here.

Order copies of the brochure by e-mail--contact@ihdd.uga.edu.

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