Other Languages - Portfolios available in Spanish, French, Korean and Vietnamese. Picture: Pancho's Mom creates and shares his Portfolio.
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Attention to cultural context and family diversity is what sets the portfolio apart and allows families to feel more comfortable and respected as they tell their unique stories.

Two ladies smiling as they work on the portfolios at a workshop.

All of the portfolio versions are available in English and Spanish.

The Early Childhood portfolio version is available in English, French, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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The Take a Look at Me™ Portfolio was designed as an inclusive tool to be used with persons from many different cultures.  The Other Language versions open the lines of comunication between professionals and the people that they serve by allowing the individual and family voices to be heard, seen, and celebrated.

Translation of the
completed portfolio
also enhances communication.

The Other Language versions of the Take a Look at Me™ Portfolio are aimed at honoring cultural diversity in ways that allow the parent and family to be best supported in the context of their culture, community, and language.  The portfolio is a great way to get to know families in the context of their everyday lives.

If you need another translation,
please contact us at

Pancho, a small Hispanic boy wearing a tuxedo sits on a small bench.
Pancho's mother was very
creative with his portfolio.

Emiliano drinking from a water hose.
Emiliano's family completed
his portfolio and shared
many of the fun things
that he likes to do.

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