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  The portfolio is useful in:
Portfolio Participants share their stories...

  • Building family supports;
  • Developing parent-professional communication;
  • Following developmentally appropriate practice;
  • Identifying natural learning opportunities;
  • Expanding the concept of inclusion by better understanding individuals and their families;
  • Focusing on strengths-based practice;
  • Building on hopes and dreams;
  • Enhancing self-determination and empowering families;
  • Increasing family involvement in programs, schools, and other environments;
  • Building early literacy;
  • upholding and honoring cultural diversity;
  • Using strengths-based assessment for children with disabilities;
  • Developing Individualized Family Service Plan and Individualized Education Plan.           

Meet some of the children and adults who have participated in the portfolio
project. Click on the links below to share their experiences.

 Young boy smiling and happy. Young man and lady working on their portfolio at a table with supplies. Three Vietnamese youth pose for the camera with smiling faces.
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