Testimonials...Read what others have said about their portfolio experience! Picture: Mom, dad, and child having fun with their portfolio.
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The Early Intervention Team at IHDD routinely collects feedback from participants about their involvement in and experiences with the portfolio.  This information is used to keep our work consistent with our mission, vision and guiding principles. Read the comments received about the portfolio.

• Because my students are high school age, I used the portfolio as a transition tool to help them
focus on themselves now and how their strengths/weaknesses will affect them in post-secondary life.

• It allowed me to “see” what they thought of themselves on a deeper, more personal level. If I saw a common thread, I brought it to their attention and it sparked great discussions!

Little girl working on her portfolio. • I am able to pull from info in the portfolios and have conversations about it with parents. I think they are glad I took time to read it and comment on their hard work.

• By assembling the portfolio it helped me to learn more about the family and their culture.

• The portfolios were put in our library area. They are out all the time for the children to look through, and we go over the pictures and I read to them.

• The in-class time with portfolios was fantastic...getting to know each other, looking at the strengths of our peers, thinking about how we write about ourselves, bringing in photos to use and share, getting to put something together that becomes a treasure for us all!  The students really love this experience at the beginning of this important 5th grade year, and I think the portfolios are an incredible instructional and motivational teaching tool.




• It was very exciting, helped me to learn things about what my daughter likes to eat, toys she likes, and her learning needs for now and later on in life. It helped me to learn the importance of fine and gross motor development. I took pictures of her walking up and down the stairs.
Parents and Families at a work table with portfolio supplies.
It was an easy process clipping out pictures like doing collages. It was a fun experience. It’s a good experience because you think while you’re doing it and you learn, too.

It’s something I can share for years to come. Jasmine loves to look at her pictures and point to “Mama,” “Da-da” and “Bro-bro” pictures. It’s an educational experience with kids learning different sounds as we clip out pictures. Teachers learn their likes and dislikes.

Later on in life she can look at it. The classroom has one too, so that’s a good experience for them to get to know the other kids. It’s fun to do and when I started to do it I couldn’t stop.

I’ve shared it with grandparents, teachers, classmates and church members. By looking at the portfolio, “They would learn [my child’s] special needs and likes and dislikes. They would see pictures of the family and see that we celebrate special holidays and birthdays. They would see that Trinity is in the reading program at the library. They could realize that I have a godmother and she has a grandmother. They would learn what different toys she plays with and what animals she likes.



•  A student completing the strengths-based Take a Look at Me™ portfolio has a vehicle to "voice" their thoughts and dreams for the future by realistically assessing their strenths, weaknesses and choices for the future.

• The portfolio has proven to be a useful tool in encouraging parental input and contributing to the development of individualized goals and curriculum plans. The Take A Look at Me™ portfolio allows personnel and parents to identify their child's emerging skills in different developmental domains so that these skills may be strengthened through everyday routines.

Al Duvall develops his portfolio.• Well, hopefully a lot! They will learn what I like, what I don’t like, and who I am!

• I think that they will learn even more than I did ‘cause when they ask me the questions that the portfolio asks I just come up with an instant answer.  But doing the portfolio really makes you think about what the real answer to the questions are.

• I liked it because it tells about yourself to other people. And that makes me feel good.

• I learn about myself, and I answer questions I would never thought of answering.

• It gave me a chance to remember things about my life, and to learn more about my friends.


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