Youth and Adults Portfolios...A new way to communicate, be creative, and share dreams and possibilities for the future. Picture: Kelli Powell, IHDD, at a portfolio workshop.
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As the story of strengths, interests, hopes, and dreams unfolds, a positive holistic picture
emerges of the individual which fosters insight, self-awareness and self-determination.
Young man works on his portfolio.

"Knowing who they are,
and that their 'best work'
is within them, empowers
teens to express their
desires for their future
to parents, teachers,
and peers; and makes
the transition to life after
high school successful."

~ Cindy Saylor, Partnerships for Success, Program Coordinator.
From childhood through adulthood, many people with disabilities are not supported in ways and means that result in social connectedness, community membership, and engagement.  Through utilizing the portfolio as the first step
in person-centered planning, others are better
able to discover who an individual is, and therefore, equipped to initiate real inclusion
as a person builds social capital.  The Take A
Look At Me™
Portfolio, promotes inclusion, and facilitates the self-discovery, self-determination and transition process.

The portfolios have been a wonderful way to involve parents in planning for their child's future. Several parents learned that their child had hopes, dreams, and capabilities far beyond what they had imagined.
         --comment from Partnerships for Success


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