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"I am thrilled with my daughter's portfolio.  She "graduated" into a new class at church at the end of the month.  Her teachers work on a rotating basis, and there are a good number who rotate in and out.  It is impossible for me to talk with each of them personally about my daughter, so I left the portfolio with the director of the pre-school department and she made sure that all of her teachers saw it.  I can see a big change in the way she is treated.  I think that knowing her story and "where she is at" makes her teachers a lot more comfortable with her and with having her in their classroom.  My daughter also began a new therapy program a month ago, so I gave a copy to them, also, and they said it was a big help."
                --Quote from a Parent

The Take A Look At Me™ Portfolio is a 20+ page book designed to engage individuals and/or family members as they identify their own and/or their child’s strengths, interests and preferences. Through a series of open-ended questions with space for photos and artwork, this dynamic tool illuminates an individual's unique sense of self, and empowers individuals and families to reflect upon their hopes and dreams.

Purple handBuild on the hopes
& dreams of Families
Aqua Hand PrintPromote self-discovery
& self-determination
Green hand printA story-telling
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Available in English, Spanish, French,
Korean, and Vietnamese.
"You know what the
average person wants
across any field of life?

They want people to
know the real them.

This is good for anybody."

--Quote from a Parent
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